Sunday, January 01, 2006

2005 Books Read

Books read 2005: - (rule: only those finished)

p- poetry
pc-poetry chapbook
o-other, hybrid/cross genre

Mansfield Park- Jane Austen (f)
Devil in the White City- Erik Larsen (n)
In Contact- Jesse Seldess (pc)
Eight Short Stories- Virginia Woolf (f)
Home: A History of an Idea- Witold Rybinski (n)
Airport Music-Mark Tardi (pc)
Blood Money- Dashell Hammitt (f)
The Sleep That Changed Everything- Lee Ann Brown (p)
Of The Frame- E. Tracy Grinnell (pc)
The False Sun Recordings- James Wagner (p)
Beauty is Convulsive- Carole Maso (o)
Around Sea- Brenda Iijima (p)
Bus- Roberto Harrison (pc)
Oh- Cole Swensen (p)
The To Sound- Eric Baus (p)
The daVinci Code- Dan Brown (f)
Devotional Cinema- Nathaniel Dorsky (n)
0.10- Craig Watson (p)
Mani- Roberto Harrison (pc)
Blindsight- Rosmarie Waldrop (p)
Red Juice- Hoa Nguyen (pc)
Eureka Slough- Joseph Massey (pc)
O New York- Trey Sager (pc)
Meteoric Flowers- Elizabeth Willis (pc)
Leave the Room to Itself- Graham Foust (p)
In the Absent Everyday- Tsering Whangpo Dhompa (p)
Precious- Chuck Stebelton (pc)
Often Capital- Jennifer Moxley (p)
And So On- Patrick Durgin (pc)
Pollux- Pam Rehm (pc)
It’s Alive She Says- Cole Swensen (pc)
Emptied of All Ships- Stacy Szymaszek (p)
There Were Hostilities- Stacy Szymaszek (pc)
The Flaneur- Edmund White (n)
29 Microlectures in Proximity of Performance- Matthew Goulish (o)
Blueprint-Rick Snyder (pc)
Who Opens-Jesse Seldess (p)
Not Right Now-Renee Gladman (f/o/c)
Untitled, Woman on the Ground- Renee Galdman (f/o/c)
Juice- Renee Gladman (f/o)
Pure Descent- Elizabeth Robinson (p)
Color and Its Antecedants- Brenda Iijima (o)
The Dolch Stanzas- Kit Robinson (p/c)
The Poetics of the Exclamation Point-Eleni Sikelianos (p/c)
American Pastoral- Philip Roth (f)
The Beauty of the Husband- Anne Carson (o)
This Connection of Everyone with Lungs- Juliana Spahr (p)
Nuclear- Juliana Spahr (pc)
Under Albany- Ron Silliman (p/o)
Nothing fictional but the accuracy or arrangement (she- Sawako Nakayasu (p)
Interpreter of Maladies- Jhumpa Lahiri (f)
Inner China- Eva Sjodin (f)
The Little Prince- Antoine de Saint Exupery (f)
Starred Wire- Ange Mlinko (p)
Fuck You-Aloha-I Love You- Juliana Spahr (p)

Poetry volumes read: 17
Poetry chapbooks read: 18
Fiction (novels or collections) read: 8
Non-fiction volumes read: 4
Other/cross-genre volumes read: 5
Fiction or cross-genre chapbooks: 2

Authors female: 30
Authors male: 25


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