Monday, December 19, 2005

Today’s lunch strategy: soup and all possible shortest distances


footnote: ChickDuckyIt:
I’ve always had a certain attention/memory for the names of things, namely people. Proper names have always fascinated me with their instant and enduring significance, and how outside of any choice of my own I would come to possess a kerriness, thinking this at age 6, that all debbies have a debbieness, etc. ..that our names inherently make us adjectives and adverbs of that ken. So why then did my menagerie of stuffed animals possess generic monikers like Monkey-it, Chuckducky-it, etc.? Though I did have a quail named Rachel, I think I preferred the power of common nouns to achieve name-worthy significance. And, one of the most moronic questions from adults: “Is it a boy or a girl?” Should have been obvious. “Neither! It’s a monkey”(dumbass)… not wanting to cloud my preciouses, and my animation of them, with gender. Perhaps this then was an early symptom of pet names to come: Bottle, Bean and J.D., Just Dog.


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