Saturday, April 09, 2005

Discrete Series 4/8/05

Discrete Series 4/8/05
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Leonie, David Pavelich and Jesse Seldess at last night's event. David shared an article at the beginning of his reading that scientists suspect reading or listening to poetry may cause intense cerebral activity. So tonight is going to blow your minds he promised/deduced. An electro squirrel in the left speaker during the first half of his reading hinted at that... Corey Mead read next after a cautionary note to the audience from Jesse that Corey is despicable and conniving. We were not to believe anything he said. Steve Timm brought the evening to a close with his sonically dense work, particularly a Blonk-style improvization. Always striking the range of verbal utterance that is non-language and yet how much it can communicate/does.


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